Knitted Synthetic Fabrics & Shade Net


Knittex was established in 1964 and is known as a world leader in the manufacture and supply of knitted synthetic fabrics/shade net used in the agricultural, domestic (i.e











Nursery shade cloth, knitted shade cloth, garden windbreak netting, shading nets), industrial (i. E. Greenhouse netting), civil and mining (i. E. Windbreak nets, barrier nets, safety barrier netting) industries.

Here are 3 reasons why we use alnet extra block fabric in our shade structure:
1. Main construction. Unlike other shade fabrics currently on the market, extra block shade cloth has a knitted construction that allows for equal elongation and a lower profile. “extra block is smoother and less bulky than any of the fabrics of this capacity currently on the market. Extrablock’s lower profile not only aids in fabrication but it allows a speedier production and minimizes potential error,” says alnet president Patrick lane.

Why We Use Alnet Extrablock Shadecloth

Product description �designed for strength and durability, alnet shade cloth protects against all of nature’s extremes. Superior additives to create a fabric resistant to degradation to the sun and environmental exposure. Primary markets � lightweight tension structures, shade/sun protection, and hail/debris protection
chief benefits �the largest selection of California fire marshall (CSFM), NFPA 701, and ASTM e-84 certified colors. Dimensionally stable and a soft hand for easy fabrication. High UV block for protection against harmful UV rays and backed by a 10-year warranty.

Why the Right Shade Fabric is important to Your Shade Structure

Too many manufacturers make distorted claims about their fabrics-especially overseas firms
strict, hard to interpret u. S. Building codes can increase the cost of business
the continuation of inexpensive imports of shade structures from Asia, especially China.

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Shade Cloth for Construction Site Advertising

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Shade net cloth is easily identifiable through various methods of construction and shade density. The selection of the shade netting for a specific use is made by reference to the percentages of light that passes through the fabric (e. G. 40% shade cloth is equivalent to having 60% of the light passing through the fabric).

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